BNEFIT Academy Is Focusing On Increasing People’s Access To Financial And Investment Education

Aldo López Tirone
BNEFIT Academy Is Focusing On Increasing People’s Access To Financial And Investment Education

BNEFIT Global Corp is a company based in Seychelles that offers products and services in the world of crypto assets, digital marketing and investment. They also offer financial education services on digital business, alternative finances and more.

BNEFIT’s mission is to create a parallel universe with its own economy based in their currency with an ecosystem through which people can access investment products and unique compensation plans.

«I decided to invest in a crowdfunding for education in crypto assets and generation of wealth in bitcoins where through a corporation for collective benefit, ordinary people without any knowledge and with very little capital can access this global trend,» Aldo Lopez, the founder of BNEFIT, shares.

The team behind BNEFIT is motivated by two things: 1) knowing that money as we currently know it will disappear, giving way to more digital assets; and 2) their desire to help others access financial education.

«We wanted to create a decentralized platform where everyone has access to financial education, regardless of color, nationality or social status. The challenge will be huge. We aspire to impact a million people in the first year and thus be able to give access to new technologies to millions of people.» The BNEFIT team says.

Most recently, during a leadership retreat in Cancun Mexico recently, the founder of BNEFIT, Aldo Lopez, said in front of the leaders of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Panama:

«We came to become the best academy for digital business and financial education and now we will be the investment alternative available to everyone.»

At the end of the day, the BNEFIT team bets on the education of the masses through technology because he believes that the main obstacle is the mediocrity of people who stand in others’ way and do not bring any value.

«I believe that the main obstacle has been the mediocrity of the mediocre, those beings who cross your life not to bring value but to destroy. That’s why I bet on education – it’s what will take us out of the darkness, not the education of the classrooms, I bet on the education of the masses through technology.» Says BNEFIT founder Aldo Lopez.

Learn more about BNEFIT here.

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