Aldo López exceeds his goals and launches his own coin ‘Benefit Coin’

Aldo López Tirone

Aldo López announces at Stravaganzza2021 the new products of BNEFIT.

With only 6 months to go to the market BNEFIT Global Corp, based in Seychelles announces new products. Aldo Lopez, Founding Chairman of the company took advantage of the leadership retreat in Cancun Mexico to announce three new smart contracts with yields of 6%, 7% and 9% per month in Bitcoin and the Corona star, the Crypto Life Insurance.

In front of the leaders of Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Panama, Aldo Lopez said, “we came to become the best academy for digital business and education in crypto and now we will be the investment alternative available to everyone.”

“I decided to invest in a crowdfunding for education in crypto assets and generation of wealth in bitcoins where through a corporation for collective benefit, ordinary people without any knowledge and with very little capital can access this global trend,” Aldo explains.

“Ten years ago, I joined the world of digital business as a networker in MLM, where I have gone through five companies. In 4Life I was an International Diamond. I was also the International Director of INCRUISES, and eight months ago I became the President of Bydzyne. I have developed teams of more than 3,000 people from five continents and have helped more than 10,000 families over the years to find their purpose in entrepreneurship,” Aldo shares.

Four months ago, Aldo Lopez launched the BNFC Bnefit Coin currency and the C.I.G.E. contracts for the generation of coins, “Today we take a quantum leap in the industry. We will impact more than 21 thousand souls in 2022 to become a 1 Billion USD company in 2023.

A weekend full of luxuries, training, parties and a ride on yachts was the setting to celebrate the success of the company in 2021. Aldo Lopez took the opportunity to announce the next contest, the “Dream Trip 2022” in April to Dubai, and the “Summit 2022” in June of the same year in Panama City.

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